monthly reminder to unfollow me if you think white people can experience racism

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Reposting because , This is exactly what White Logic is.

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Black-ish 01x01 - Pilot


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OK Highway Patrol Captain George Brown says the best “tip” for women to not get raped by a cop is to “follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.” (Last third of the video).

Three serial rapists in 3 weeks arrested in Oklahoma, all cops.

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Pro tip: if you’re signaled to pull over (whether you’re male or female) and you’re in a place that has no witnesses, turn your hazard lights on to acknowledge the officer’s siren, and drive to the nearest gas station or populated area. This is accepted protocol by every agency. You are not obligated pull over until you can do so safely. This includes personal safety. Understand your rights, brothers and sisters. There are disgusting examples of authority in this world.

Ok but how likely is that “accepted” protocol gon work if u black/brown ?

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I’m not being nice anymore.

I applaud this.

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Frat brothers rape 300% more. One in 5 women is sexually assaulted on campus. Should we ban frats?


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Frankly, the mischaracterization of the glorious Mrs. Huxtable as “benign” and “reassuring” turned me into an angry black woman. One of Clair’s most admirable qualities — something I took notice as a child growing up in the early ’90s — was that she never bit her tongue. Her ability to express her frustration with the world and slay anyone in an argument, including her husband, her children and any person who disagreed with her views of the world, was aspirational. And seeing this vocal and sharp portrayal of a black woman and TV mother on primetime was revolutionary.

—from my latest essay, In Defense of Clair Huxtable & the Angry Black Woman In TV & Beyond

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When are you guys going to stop pretending Viola Davis is pretty? She's not. It's not even about her color she's just not pretty.



When are yall gonna stop pretending this isn’t about her skin color? I wish I could paste her features onto a white woman or even a black woman with lighter skin, then you wouldn’t be saying this. If she were white, you would call her “striking” or some other bullshit. If she were a light skinned black woman, you would probably still be bitter about a lead black woman but you at least wouldn’t pick apart her appearance. Maybe if her skin was lighter, you would actually acknowledge her accomplishments, too. Her talent, maybe? She just slayed America in 60 minutes while looking incredible and this is the only bitter response you could come up with? Your saltiness is unnerving, honey, do better.  Talk to me when you get nominated for an Oscar. 

image               And don’t insult her with the word “pretty”. She’s fucking stunning. Do so, so much better.

Seen it myself close and personal. She’s beautiful!

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I really want to eat clean and healthy.Not only to lose weight , but because I’m getting older I ’ more concern about my health and I want to be more fit and happy. So I’m gonne start a 100 days healthy challenge, where I start to change my view about food and sport. But after the 100 days I’ll continue to be good to my body . But after the 100 days I’m going to buy all the things I want ( Mac cosmetics, Topshop clothes).

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Works by Valerie Belin…

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I get criticized for taking roles in films like ‘Ghost Rider 2’, but if you look at my resume, dude, I’ve mixed it up as much as I can.

He needs to mix it up over here


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A Brazilian man recently submitted a birth certificate that if verified would mean he is 126-years-old.

According to the document, Jose Aguinelo dos Santos, was born on July 7, 1888 to African slave parents.

Once verified he will be the oldest man on the planet.  

But slavery was so long ago…..

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Bitch Niggas: I dont like girls with stretchmarks they look gross 

Real Niggas:


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I swear.

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